Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Annika's Kool-Aid Hat

This weekend, I realized that fall was going to knock on our door very soon. Fall leads to winter. Both fall and winter in these here parts tend to be soggy (if not downright wet) and cold. With that kind of weather not too far away, it was time to start on the kids' winter hats. I found a cute pattern in one of my many knitting books and then packed up the kids and went to a local yarn shop. The kids got to pick out the main color (Annika picked hot pink, Conor picked a deep purple) and then I picked up an uncolored skein that I sub-divided and dyed with Kool-Aid (resulting in blue, orange, green, and light purple) for use as the contrast colors.

Annika was very excited to know I was "sewing" a hat for her and couldn't comprehend that it would take me more than a few minutes to finish the project. I dyed the yarn on Saturday and had to let it dry overnight. I started the knitting on Sunday and finished it up last night. Three days is pretty impressive, if you ask me! The best part? Annika LOVES her new hat. She wore it from the minute I finished it until she crawled into bed. I've made plenty of things that turned out not to be worn by her, so I'm thrilled (and relieved) to know she likes this hat and actually wants to wear it. HURRAY!

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