Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art Time

One of the gifts that Eric's parents gave to Annika for her birthday were these really nifty paints. They are a hit for numerous reasons. First, they're washable. BONUS! Second, they are fairly tidy for the kids to use... no brushes and cups that can easily spill. Third, did I mention that they're washable??

This past weekend, the kids had a little art time and happily created a variety of painted projects. Annika even made a birthday card for her little buddy Collin, who celebrated his birthday on Saturday. (OK, the balloons that she made on the card looked more like sperm, but oh well!)

Annika keeping a close eye on her project

I've heard of cubism ... does this count as dotism?

Conor shows that there's no need to limit oneself to one color at a time!

He also proved that tummies are a great canvas


Meredith said...

So cute...
Love the idea of the dark paper with the bright colored paint.

Did he try to eat it/lick it?

The Olson Four said...

Meredith - oh yes! He definitely ate the paints. Gratefully, my mother-in-law got nontoxic paints! :)