Friday, August 26, 2011

Sprinklers and Popsicles

Summer is officially defined as June 21 - September 21 ... or something along those lines. For us, summer is warm weather (ok, this year it was soggy weather, but that's not the point), playing outside, and partaking in the occasional popsicle. Yesterday after picking up the kids and feeding them dinner, we got them into their swimsuits and marched into our front yard. After inhaling their popsicles, the kids headed for the sprinker to cool off and have a little fun.

Annika put dibs on the orange popsicle right away

Conor was just excited to have a popsicle; he wasn't particular about the color

Ummmm... Conor? Wrong end, Sweetie!

Sticky, drippy, popsicley sibling love

Soon, the sprinkler fun began. (Notice Annika's popsicle is also jumping through the sprinkler!)

This girl loves to jump!

Conor wasn't so sure about the sprinkler at first, so he just cheered on his big sister

Eventually, both kids got into the sprinkler to de-sticky themselves

The look on Conor's face is the only reason I'm choosing to post this picture. Cracks me up!

Oh, did I mention that Annika enjoys jumping?

She's the Queen of the Rock!!

Daddy got in on the action and helped Conor get his feet wet

Annika looking up at her daddy

After much splashing, running, and jumping, the kids announced they were done. They donned towels and went directly to the bathtub to warm up and get ready for bed.


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