Monday, August 22, 2011

Herding Cats

Eric and I recently invested in a new, fancy-schmancy camera and we LOVE it! One reason for our new investment is we realized how expensive purchasing portraits of the kids can be. Yes, it is a nice treat to have professional pictures of the kids, but if we can get some good ones on our own, then we can spread out how often we do the professional pictures.

In theory, makes a lot of sense. In practice, I've realized getting my kids to pose for me with a camera pressed to my face is a whole other matter. The phrase "like herding cats" applies beyond belief. Actually, herding our cat is really easy right now... he's still wearing a big blue floppy post-surgery e-collar from the vet, which slows him down a bit and makes it hard for him to hide quickly. It also blocks his peripheral vision, which slows him down more. And, his pain meds REALLY slow him down... hmmm... maybe herding cats isn't the best phrase to apply to taking our kids' pictures.

But I digress....

While I didn't get the great poses that I envisioned, I did get some fun shots of the kids. There is so much to learn about photography and, at this point, I give the credit of any good shots to the camera and dumb luck, not to any photographic skills on my side of things.

Annika spent most of the day throwing rocks into the water and dipping her toes in the waves

Our daughter is part billy goat; she loves to climb on the driftwood

Annika throwing rocks into the Puget Sound

Conor playing in the sand

He and I waged a battle of the hat all day... he took it off, I put it back on (repeat, repeat, repeat)

He won... no hat

This is my attempt at capturing the clear view of the moon we had ... me thinks I needed a stronger zoom lens (it's kind of like playing "Where's Waldo?" ... "where's the moon??")

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Meredith said...

hahaha... herding cats!!! Funny lady.

Have fun learning the camer! I know there are tons photo help blogs, have you found any yet that you like?

I still cannot believe HOW BLOND he has gotten from how DARK his hair was in the beginning.. little towheads! :) They are so precious!