Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend BBQ

This weekend, our friends (the Minnich family) hosted a summer BBQ and they very kindly asked us to attend. We could not have gotten any luckier with the weather if we tried ... especially considering the weather's track record this summer!

There were a number of families there, which meant the Minnich back yard was overrun with kids. It was great! The wee ones were in and out of the kiddie pool, up and down the play structure's slide, back and forth on the swings, and running to and fro across the lawn. Meanwhile, the adults hid in the shade and tried not to melt.

This just might be my new favorite picture of Annika... EVER! (I took it while pushing her on the swing ... talk about multi-tasking!)

Conor having fun with a play ring

Check out the red cheeks our little girl was sporting

Conor had a blast on the slide

The 2010 Baby Trio

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