Monday, August 8, 2011

Annika's 4th Birthday

Our sweet baby girl turned 4 this weekend, proving that she really isn't a baby anymore. We had birthday galore on Saturday and were fortunate to have many friends and family members to celebrate the day with us. We also had amazing weather as a bonus!

Annika had a very special birthday. It started with her first words of the day, "Hurray! It's my birthday! I'm 4! Can I open presents now?" and continued on to have a huge party with more food and activity than I can accurately describe in a brief blog post, a birthday wish of "I want to be a princess", and finished with Annika in her bed telling me she really doesn't want to grow up and wasn't at all tired (uh- huh .... riiiiiight!).

Thank you to everyone who made our princess' day so special and memorable.

Opening her present from Mom and Dad

Birthday girl

The kids table


Fun in the bouncy house

The cake

Ladybug cookies

Happy parents

Best buddies

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