Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Boy Hair

This past weekend, I noticed how shaggy Conor's hair was getting. His curly mop was getting a bit unruly ... still cute, but definitely unruly. After church, I took him down to the barber shop for a quick trim (albeit, not the cheap trim that I expected ... really? $25 for a 10-minute haircut? Sigh...)

It's funny how a hair cut can make a little guy seem to age. In just one day, he went from this baby...

To this big boy....

Conor is one of the most expressive little kids I've met. His whole face lights up with joy, furrows with frustration, or smiles with laughter. One of his faces that I love the most is his "OH NO!" face. Sometimes he "Oh No's" on purpose ... for example, drops his cup and then says "oh no!" (again and again and again). Other times, he "Oh No's" when something is out of place or not what he expects. Here are a few if his "on no" faces. Enjoy!

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Meredith said...

He is too old!!

And that is exactly what I am afraid of happening to my Jonathan's curls, and why I am waiting SOOOO long to get him a haircut!!