Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoo Visit & Modern Technology

Annika and Eric are currently at the zoo. I'm at work. (They win!!)

Per Eric's IM from earlier this morning, they were going to the zoo tosee the animals and have a picnic lunch. I'm jealous that they're off having fun, but also glad that they're having some one-on-one time together. I think it is very important for each parent to build an independent relationship with each child, just as it is important for the kids to develop a relationship with each other that is parentfree.

Last night, Annika was so excited about their upcoming zoo trip that she pulled out some paper and her crayons to draw a map of the zoo with the animals that she wanted to make sure they saw. The top of the list was the giraffes, followed by tigers, bears, and lions. I hope she gets her wish and sees all of the critters that were running around in her mind.

Even though I'm at the office, I can still basically see what they're seeing with the amazing technology that we use on a daily basis. Eric was able to snap a picture and send it from his phone to my work email address. I love that we're so connected!!

I'm pretty sure she's looking at a bear of some sort... brown bear? grizzley bear? Smokey the Bear?

Eric sent this one a little bit later: Annika hanging out with a big goat.

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