Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Diego Trip - Part 1

Last Saturday, the kids and I packed up and headed down to visit my sister and her family (well, the parts that aren't in college in Washington and Idaho) for a long weekend. Per the display boards, our flight was set to take off on time. SWEET! I got in line to board the plane and was told Conor wasn't on the reservation. Ummm... yeah he was. Right after booking the tickets online, I called the airline with his info. The ticket counter gal explained the computer won't let lap children in the row in front of an exit row. Guess where our seats where! Yup! Right in front of an exit row. Because he didn't have a car seat, we were able to sit there. Don't ask ... I have no idea.

Just before pulling away from the gate, we found out from our pilot that a gauge in the cockpit was broken and needed to be replaced, but it would only take 10-15 minutes to replace.... once they found a replacement gauge. Mind you, I booked our tickets based on times that would work around Conor's nap time. Delays weren't in the cards. The gauge was replaced within 20-25 minutes and then we were off. As we taxied down the runway, our pilot slowed the plane and then turned ... not a good sigh. He got back on the intercom and said there was another mechanical problem. This time, a circuit breaker to the flight data recorder flipped. We had to go back to the gate and get it checked out. By this time, a few of us were wondering if the plane really wanted to stay on the ground and if we agreed with that idea. Eventually, we were back on the runway and took off without a (correction, without another) hitch. Unfortunately, we were over an hour late by this time and Conor got really cranky on the flight. Everyone in our general area knew he was late for a nap. (Side note: I apologize to everyone in our area for the screaming child.... especially to the kind man who sat next to us and had every right to give me the stink eye, but chose not to).

Eventually, we arrived at our destination and got to enjoy seeing our extended family... well, some of them. My sister was still at work and our niece Abby was out with her friend Madison. We got a little lunch and then Conor got a MUCH needed nap. HURRAY!!

A little bit after we arrived, my college roommate and her family stopped by for a visit. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our vacation recap to read more about our San Diego shenanigans!

Conor on the plane (before the screaming began)

Annika chilling on the plane. She was a rock star traveler!

Abby and Annika chillin' in the pool



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