Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and it was just the right amount of busy for the Olson clan. There were happenings, but not so many that we felt rushed to move from one activity to the next.

On Saturday, we had a BBQ with our good friends the Russells. We had a fantastic meal and experienced the joy of watching our kids play together. Dave and Eric have been friends since they were in college together. Dave was Eric's best man when we got married and Eric returned the favor when Dave and Nicola got married. Their little Anne was born 3 1/2 months before our Conor entered the world. It has been such a treat to watch our kids grow together and get old enough to now play together. Annika and Anne playing with Anne's tea set gave my heart wings.

On Sunday after Annika's swim lesson, we met our friends the Hoglunds and Minnichs at Bitterlake Park for some family fun time. The kids had a great time running everywhere and making good use of the playground equipment. Unfortunately, our camera's memory card ate a bunch of the pictures we took of the day, but we did wind up with a number of keepers just the same.

Annika proved again and again that she's a monkey bars rock star. She can get her wiry little body across them like you wouldn't believe.

I thought ahead and remembered to bring the kids' rubber balls with us and am so glad I did. The kids had a great time kicking, throwing, and rolling them all around the park.

Here's Ethan having fun on one of the random bikes that were at the park.

Little Miss Grace giving us a peek into her as a teen and borrowing Elaine/Jim's cars for a night out with her friends. Notice her perfect 10 & 2 hand positioning on the wheel!

Once the kids discovered the water fountain, we knew all other toys were pointless.

They had a great time taking turns drinking the water and splashing water on each other.

Liam also turned the water fountain into a basketball hoop. That boy can think outside the box!

Here comes the tickle mouse!!!

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