Friday, September 16, 2011

San Diego Trip - Part 3

Our last stop before heading home on Monday was at Del Mar beach. It couldn't have been a more perfect way to end our fun family weekend. It was relaxing, playful, and warm.... triple bonus!

Abby and Conor walking from the van to the beach

Almost immediately after setting up our "base camp", Annika and Suzanne headed down to the ocean to get their feet wet and take in the amazing view.

While Suzanne and Annika tip-toed in the water, Conor got to work on making sure no grain of sand went untouched.

Annika showing me her "I'm happy to be at the ocean" smile

Suzanne and I kept finding some really neat shaped rocks, only to discover they weren't really rock, but compressed sand. Suzanne found one that reminded her of E.T.

You can't see it very well, but the black sand really made my footprints show up. It was a pretty cool result of meandering around on the wet sand.

Annika had a BLAST playing in the ocean. Unlike at home, the water was actually somewhat warm and didn't cause any body parts to immediately go numb. What a concept!

At first, Conor was quite aprehensive about the water, which surprised me because of how much he loves to splash normally. Once his comfort level went up, it was like pulling teeth keeping him out of the water.

My version of sand art

The kids and me before departing for the airport ... back home and back to Eric!

As we packed up the gear, Annika decided to make herself into a living sand castle. Unfortunately, that meant half of the beach wound up traveling to the airport with us. She wound up having a "bath" while standing in a bathroom sink to get rid of most of the sand. I figured the flight home might get a bit uncomfortable with half of Del Mar beach attached to her little body.

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