Monday, September 5, 2011

Winter Hats

A couple of weeks ago, summer FINALLY arrived here in Seattle. Until then, we had a rather soggy, cold summer. You'd think that I'd get the idea to make the kids' winter hats when it was cold out, but 'twas not the case. I waited until last weekend when it was gorgeous out to get struck with the idea that "hey, fall will be here before we know it... the kids are going to need hats before we know it." So, we packed up and headed to the yarn shop. I found a pattern that called for me to dye yarn using Kool-Aid... really, how could I pass up THAT opportunity???

The kids picked out the main color for each of their hats. Annika picked a hot pink and Conor picked a dark purple. The other colors (orange, light blue, green, and light purple) were thanks to some great directions and Kool-Aid.

I made Annika's hat last weekend and finished up Conor's hat this weekend. Yes, our children are the ones wearing summer clothes and wool hats. I promise you that come winter, they'll refuse to wear the hats for some reason. Mark my words. :p

Annika being silly

Conor in his new hat

Playing Kinect while wearing summer attire and wool hats (sigh)


Meredith said...

those are awesome!! :)
Nice job, Other!!! :)

Hats are probably about the size project that I could handle. Ha!

fig said...

So cute! The hats AND the kids. :-) Cold weather will be here before you know it and these will be terrific for keeping the little noggins warm (and festive!)