Thursday, September 15, 2011

San Diego Trip - Part 2

Soon after arriving in San Diego (and after Conor was down for his MUCH overdue nap), my former college roommate (Rachel) and her family (Jason - husband, Hannah - daughter, and Eliana - daughter) stopped by for a visit. OK, 'stopped by' isn't exactly accurate .... they drove 2+ hours from L.A. to visit. Fortunately, Rachel's brother (Jared) lives in San Diego, so they made the trip a two-fer event. Our girls played in my sister's backyard and the grown-ups caught up and took turns wrangling the kids. Eventually, Conor woke up and joined the fray.

Rachel and I met in Sept 1992 when we were randomly assigned to be suitemates at WWU. We hit it off almost immediately and realized we have now been friends for half of our lives. How is it possible that much time has passed?!!?!!? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were cramming for tests (note: Rachel used to study so much that she could tell us which page in her notebook certain items could be found.... she put the rest of us to shame!), camping as a huge group at Chuckanut, eating dinners in the dining hall, rescuing her computer during a fire drill, and generally being goofy teenagers in college.

I am so appreciative that Rachel and her crew took the time to visit us last Saturday and am REALLY hoping they come up next summer for her high school's 20th reunion (hint, hint, hint!)

Hannah getting ready for the LPGA tour

Eliana discovered a helmet and proceeded to wear it backwards ... had all of us in stitches!

Eliana and her daddy

Eliana and Annika chillin' in one of the pool floats

Jason being a goof


Jared and Hannah

Eliana and Annika (or "Hanukkah" as Eliana said it) doing a little artwork on the putting green

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