Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unscheduled Kitchen Remodel

When I woke up this morning, our only plans for the day were church at 8:30 and Annika's swim lesson at 2:30. Easy. I'd clean up a bit and fold some laundry, but all-in-all, our day would be quiet.

FOOL! I was a FOOL for thinking that's where our day would go.

Eric decided to tackle the wood under our kitchen sink. It was damaged when our (now former) food disposal developed a leak. The wood warped and (we found out when Eric pulled up the shelf paper that was under the sink) that mold was also taking root. Mold = game changer. Eric wasn't quite sure how to get the wood replaced due to the size of the cupboard's opening and the fact there were pipes running through the wood. So, we called on our go-to guy, David, who is married to Eric's mom's cousin's daughter (or something like that) and lives on our street, just a mile or so away.

While the kids and I were at church, David came over, got a look at the mold and basically said "time for respirators; that stuff has to come out."

Eric and I have talked about replacing the countertop (yellow formica) with granite (to match the counters on the other side of our kitchen) but never really did much more than talk about it and ask a guy for a quote (from a guy who came to the house, took measurements, but never called with an acual quote). We figured because we have to rebuild the cupboard under the sink, this would be an ideal to get the countertop replaced.

David is also going to do a few other projects for us like replacing a few windows that have decided to rot ... darned that Seattle moisture. We are so lucky to have someone we can rely on to do great work and who happens to be available right when we need him most!

David and Eric surveying the scene

Bye, bye sink!

This was about the point I asked them if I could still run the dishwasher. To that, the repsponded "are you serious??"

No more sink. No more cupboard. No more counter.

Ripping out the fake brick wall treatment (woot!)

Eric taking in the scenery

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