Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow in Seattle

My original thought for today was to take the kids up to Snoqualmie Pass so they could have some fun in the snow. I'd basically given up on seeing any lowland snow this winter and didn't want them to miss out on the chance to play some of the white stuff.

That's what I get for making plans. Of course, it snowed in Seattle this morning. (Glad I didn't bother with the hour+ drive to the pass!!) The kids (as well as their parents) got really excited when we saw the flakes falling from the sky. Eric was still working on replacing the bathroom sink faucet (that's a blog post for another day), so I bundled up the kids so we could head outside and enjoy the falling snow.

It was fantastic snow ... PERFECT snowball snow. The kids had a blast catching snowflakes on their tongues, making snow angels, and making/throwing snowballs. I had a great time watching them explore the fun that comes with falling snow.

After lunch and while Conor took a nap, Annika got rebundled and headed out on the deck with Buca so they could play together and take in as much of the snow fun as possible. Buca is a huge fan of the snow ... proving he's an Olson through and through!

Having a snow parade around the front yard

Making a snow angel

Conor figuring out how to make snowballs

Annika catching snow on her tongue

Conor catching snow on his tongue

Playing in the snow with Daddy

Conor all bundled up

Annika getting ready to throw a big snowball

Buca got in on the fun, too!

Buca jumping to catch a snowball that Annika threw to him

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