Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remodel Update

Here's what's been afoot for our house lately...

  • We've now ventured out past our kitchen a bit. One of the bay windows in our computer room is no longer glass.... it's now plywood. It's all the rage in the cool houses!! OK, no it isn't...not even close. It's just keeping out the elements until the new panes of glass are delivered.
  • The window above our kitchen sink has followed suit and now is a big piece of plywood. This one, however, is a bit fancier because it has a drawing (in Sharpie) of a starfish on it. I've always wanted a nice view from our kitchen!! Apparently sealife is the way to go. We'd waffled about whether to replace the kitchen window, but decided to bite the bullet and have it done while the amazing David is at the house doing other work. SO glad we did! Apparently, we were uncomfortably close to the wood around the window being so rotten that we were seriously risking it giving way and allowing water into our walls ... talk about an ugly situation.
  • Side note: I've realized that plywood windows have some serious benefits over glass: no fingerprints, water splatters don't show us, no one can look in and see how messy our kitchen is most of the time, we can draw starfish on them and not worry about the consequences! It's all good. :)
  • We still have no kitchen sink, but at least David laid out a bunch of wood to act as a temporary countertop, which is much appreciated.
  • Annika's wall had some water damage due to an incorrectly installed window (whoops - our bad, I guess we did it wrong when we put it in before Annika was born). David fixed the window's installation and cut out a piece of Annika's wall. He has since then patched the wall and is waiting for the mud to dry and then will repaint it. He's going to put a starfish on her wall (hence, the Sharpie one on our kitchen "window") to match the rest of the sealife motif on her walls.
  • We have two quotes from granite fabricators. We're waiting for one more. Once we get it, we'll figure out who is going to make our new kitchen counter and get moving on that portion of our project. Hurray!!

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