Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Kitchen of Mass Destruction

And to think all of the work we've been doing (yes, this is the royal we; the real "we" is the rock star of a man David van Sanford, who has really been the vast majority of the work on our house ) for the past 3 weeks started with Eric wanting to fix the wood under our kitchen sink.

Today, the mirrored wall became a thing of the past! We decided to convert it from reflective surface to a pantry and spot for bottles of wine. We've also decided to replace the yellow Formica that was on the walls with white subway tile. Can we get a collective "woo hoo" from everyone? :)

Bye, bye mirrored wall!
The vertical lined wall used to be covered in 12"x12" mirrored tiles.
The wall that is 90 degrees from that wall used to have cupboards and yellow Formica.

Bye, bye yellow Formica

Bye, bye cabinets (don't worry, they'll be back, just in a slightly
different configuration) and yellow Formica!

Next up - more windows will go in tomorrow. Granite counter top and kitchen sink (our old one, but just excited it is coming back!!!) will also go in tomorrow. YIPPEE!!!

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