Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Minute!

Many things in our household happen in "one minute," which can last anywhere from a true minute to a half hour. It is basically our way of preparing our kids for something that is around the bend: bed time, bath time, end of bath time, time of pajamas, time to clean up, etc.

Last night, the kids were in the bath. I'd finished washing Conor's hair and turned around to grab a towel so I could pull him out of the tub and get him dried off. As I turned back to the tub (after grabbing the towel from the bathroom counter), Conor stood up, put up one finger, and said, "ONE MINUTE!" and then proceeded to sit down and continue playing with the bath toys. At that point, I had to duck around the corner so I could giggle out of sight.

Our words (including hand gestures) have come full circle....

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