Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Next Generation of Look Alikes

Growing up, my best friend and I had a habit of showing up in either identical outfits or outfits that looked like we coordinated our clothes (she'd wear black pants and a black/white checkered boyfriend jacket on the day I'd wear my black/white checkered pants and black boyfriend jacket). Even on my 25th birthday, she showed up at my door wearing khaki pants and a denim shirt ... exactly what I was wearing. People would often ask us if we planned to coordinate our wardrobes.... we were dorky growing up, but not THAT dorky. (Hee hee - me using the term "dorky" probably proves I haven't completely outgrown my dorkiness!)

ANYWHO ... the reason behind me telling this story....

When I got to Annika's school yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of Annika and her BFF Allison doing (by chance) exactly what Kate and I used to do (by chance). Annika was in her heart dress and Allison was in heart tights that looked like they were made to go with Annika's dress. The girls were pleased as punch when I pointed out their complimentary clothes!

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