Friday, July 19, 2013

Sisters Day

Some people count down to their birthday while others count down to Christmas. Most recently, I counted down to last weekend because my sister flew up from San Diego to visit us.

We don't get to see each other nearly enough! Yes, we do talk every few days and text regularly, it isn't the same as spending time face to face. This weekend, we made up for lost time. We laughed, caught up, chatted, talked, laughed some more, and reminisced. It was perfect.

Before her arrival, Suzanne requested that we take the Theo Chocolate tour (highly recommended for anyone living in or visiting Seattle!) and going kayaking in the Montlake cut. Easy! We dubbed the Monday of her visit "Sisters Day"! Our sister-in-law, Staci, who (let's face it) is just as close as any biological sister could be), Suzanne, and I met up at Theo Chocolate to kick off Sisters Day. Staci and I did the Theo Chocolate factory tour together just after the new year and loved it; not only did we learn about chocolate, we got to sample some mighty fine confections. In fact, we raved about it so much, that Suzanne requested a chance to go on the tour. Oh twist my arm! We donned our fancy hair nets and hit the factory... and it did not disappoint. At the end of the tour (which conveniently ends in the Theo Chocolate gift shop), I even remembered to pick up some burlap bags (that the cocoa beans are delivered in) so I can do something creative .. a messenger bag, perhaps? (Currently, the bags are airing out on our deck... they still smell like the fermented cocoa beans... not exactly pleasant.)

After our visit to Theo Chocolate, we headed to Agua Verde for lunch and kayaking. I put on my game face and was able to scope out a table on the deck for us. I was basically like a vulture waiting for someone to show any sign of departure; when I saw a group wipe their mouths, I swooped in and claimed our territory. Oh yeah, baby!!!

Fortunately, the weather was very cooperative on Monday, which made kayaking a very pleasant experience. There was a bit of wind, which made paddling toward Lake Union slow going, but paddling toward Lake Washington incredibly speedy!! It was such fun to watch the ducks paddle next to us, not to mention scope out the yachts we'll never be able to afford (and I'm OK with that!). We attempted to chat during our kayaking, but wound up just yelling into the wind at each other... resulting in a lot of laughter, but very little meaningful conversations.

All in all, it was a marvelous day... except when I had to say goodbye to my sister as she got into Staci's car to spend the night at their house before returning to San Diego the next day (that part kinda stunk). That said, knowing we might see each other next month at their cabin helped ease the sting of goodbye a bit.

Staci and Suzanne before our kayaking adventure

The three sisters.... Staci was kind enough to make Suzanne and me appear taller than we are

Speed is your friend, Staci!

Suzanne enjoying her breezy boating

Staci with I-5 in the background

Paddle, Suzanne, paddle!

Yacht = big, kayak = small


Pretty lillypads

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