Monday, July 1, 2013

Conor's first day of pre-school

Today marks Conor's first day of pre-school! The boy couldn't have been more excited if he tried.

(His parents were just about as excited... but for a different reason. We're thrilled to have one location to take our kids ... talk about simplifying our routine!!)

Was he excited about the new classroom? Sort of.
Was he excited about the new adventure? A bit.
Was he excited about having new teachers? Meh.
Was he excited about his Spiderman lunchbox? YES, NO DOUBT!

All morning long, he kept saying "Spiderman lunchbox!" in his gravelly superhero/tough guy voice. It was adorable and highly entertaining. As soon as I started filling his lunchbox, he wanted to leave... mind you, he was wearing his PJ shirt and underwear at the time, but that didn't matter to him in the least. He was all about traveling with Spiderman!

Big sister offered to show him the ropes and help him adjust to pre-school.

I couldn't help but reflect on Annika's transition to pre-school and how horrible it was. She had only been in the classroom for 1 visit, so everything was still very foreign to her. She sobbed.... my heart broke. Conor, on the other hand, is already very familiar with the classroom and teachers. The routines and expectations are still new to him, but having Annika there will definitely ease his transition.

Two Olson kids in one classroom ... may God grant their teachers the gifts of patience and humor!

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