Monday, July 22, 2013

Annika Is Two-Wheeling It!

We spent most of this past weekend on Whidbey Island visiting Eric's parents. And, let me tell you, it was one full weekend!! On top of it being the weekend of Annika's 1st fishing trip, she also figured out how to ride a two-wheel bike!!!

In the weeks leading up to this weekend, Annika had been anxious to learn how to ride her bike without its training wheels. Knowing how much flat, non-traffic space is at the house on Whidbey, we convinced her to wait until our weekend away to really give riding her bike 100% effort. Until then, she happily rode Conor's bike (the one without pedals), which I think might have been a big plus.

On Saturday, she went outside with Eric's mom (aka Bestemor) and basically started riding within seconds. Needless to say, everyone was rather stunned and highly impressed. Once she got it, she GOT IT!

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