Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Mamas with Cameras: Reflections and Bubbles

Last night, the Mamas with Cameras group met up at Volunteer Park to work on photographing reflections and bubbles. It was a perfectly fun, relaxing, and easy-going evening. Not often do we get the chance to play with bubbles without children around to pop them.

The original hope was to capture reflections of the trees and Space Needle in the reservoir, but it was drained and concrete just isn't very reflective. So, we opted to use the koi ponds instead; we worked on capturing reflections of the various plants, each other, and ourselves. Pretty impressively, no one fell in. :)

Wenmei, the group leader, brought a few bottles of bubbles and a selection of bubble wands for us to use in hopes of getting a beginning grasp of photographing bubbles. One of the keys she mentioned was using an f-stop of 5.6 (or there abouts) to make sure the bubbles don't wind up looking too flat. She also suggested shifting around the bubbles to capture the different ways the sunlight plays off of them. We had a tricky time getting the bubbles to stay put (it was a bit breezy at times) and not pop on the grass.... the bubbles didn't last as long as we'd hoped at times, but our giggles as bubbles burst on us made up for it.

Because we carpooled, Wenmei and I were the last two to leave the park. We decided to take pictures of the setting sun and a few flowers before heading out. It was really neat to pick her brain a bit and just watch her work; highly impressive!

A mama's reflection in the koi pond

More reflections

Look closely... you can see my reflection in the bubble

Playing with bubbles

I like the light creating a rainbow on these bubbles
The Space Needle through The Black Sun

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