Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cabo Vacation Recap (pt 2)

As I mentioned previously, we spent a portion of each day in Mexico in the pool. I'm shocked that we didn't look like a group of prunes by the time we headed home, in fact!

The resort has numerous pools, which kept the atmosphere fresh in many ways. A few pools have swim-up bars (we like those the best!) and all have plenty of space for the kids to splash and play to the point of exhaustion. 

One of our kids' favorite pool activities was being catapulted into the water by any willing participant. Eric and Troy were the primary work horses in this arena, but I did my best to contribute... and my resulting sore arms could attest to how hard I tried to keep up with the guys.

When the adults were tuckered out, we would park ourselves on a lounge chair under a big umbrella, sip on something cold one of waiters ever-so-kindly brought to us, and watch the kids have the time of their lives.

We brought our underwater camera casing and point-and-shoot camera, as well as the big DSLR, so we could capture as much of the water-based play as possible. Enjoy!

Our little fish

Conor getting ready for another plunge

Annika: up close and personal


Mama and Annika

Annika took this of us

Eric and the kids at the sky pool

Staci catching up on her poolside reading
(and from the looks of the waiter behind her, drinking)

Kat soaking up the poolside fun

Our tuckered out little fishies

Conor getting in a few laps

Up and away!

Flying Conor!

Ian showing us perfect cannon ball form

Underwater Eric

Ian gives Cabo a thumbs up

Water baby

Eric's cannon ball

Conor, Eric, and Annika... one, two, three.... GO!

Conor with his treasure .. the Toypedo

Uncle Troy taking Conor to new heights

Troy sends Annika flying (again, and again, and again)

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