Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glasshouse Studio Photo Op

Yes, I've taken on a new project... I know, BIG shocker! 

To further my photography skills, I joined a daily photo community called 365 Project. Basically, every person posts 1 photo per day and everyone else gets to see them. It isn't a contest or competition; it is just an opportunity to grow as photographers.

Yesterday, I decided to explore a new venue to see if I could capture a neat photo; I took a little walk from my office to a glass art studio in Pioneer Square called Glasshouse Studio. The artists were incredibly hospitable and I couldn't be more grateful to them for making me feel so welcome. 

One of the artists made a glass horse while I peeked in; it didn't release from the pole, so he had to break it. I missed the breaking moment, so he offered to make another horse strictly for the purpose of being broken for me. Wow!!

As I sat on the floor just outside of the work area, I felt myself getting warmer and warmer. I asked one of the artists how hot it was inside the studio and he said 109 degrees. Ugh! No wonder I felt the need to peel off my cardigan!

If you are ever in need of amazing glass art, stop by. They have everything from doo-dads to bowls to light fixtures... oh, and glass horses!

This is the photo I submitted for my daily photo entry;
I like how it freezes the process of working with the hot glass
Heating the glass

Peering into the kiln; I was surprised to see
how many round trips between the work area and the kiln
that the artists make for a single piece of glass art

Shaping a light fixture

Some of the finished pieces in the storefront

Hind legs of a horse

Finished horse
Flash cooling the hot glass with cold water to fracture the horse
Talk about having a lot of irons in the fire!

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