Thursday, July 25, 2013

Conor's Sprinkler Fun

We have had an incredible summer this year. Some years have provided cool temperatures, cloudy skies, more rain that we knew what to do with, and many failed outdoor plans. This year, that is not the case. Our kids have had ample opportunities to play outside, run in the sprinkler, and enjoy a beautiful summer.

A couple of days ago, Annika wanted to ride her bike after dinner. Conor wanted to run through the sprinkler. Easy! I set them both up in the back yard and let them do their thing. I parked myself on a camp chair under the shady trees and happily watched the kids make the most of their evening. It was tranquil and fun ... the epitome of what a summer evening should be. And, yes, Conor held that stick the entire time he played in the sprinkler!

(Look closely, you can see our new hedge behind him!)


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