Thursday, May 7, 2009

21 months old

Yesterday, Annika turned 21 months old. It astounds us to think about how much she's learned in that amount of time. In addition to her vocabulary taking off like a rocket, she's also started doing things like imaginary play and had started really playing with the dogs (she loves to throw toys for Buca to chase). She is also expressing more complex ideas. Yesterday, Eric and I were playing a card game and Annika walked up to Eric and said "Seat. Up." He got up, not sure where this would go and Annika proceeded to climb up into his chair. She simply wanted to sit where he was.

Some of our favorite things she says these days are "uppy down" (still not quite sure when to say up or down, so she says both), "HA!" (when asked what a hyena says), and "whoooossssshhhh" (we aren't sure what she's doing exactly, but she says this while running around with her arms stuck out behind her..... flying, perhaps?)

Who says baskets aren't great fashion accessories?


Showing off her forehead owie

A closer look

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