Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First major owie ... and trip to ER

Shortly after we got home last night, Annika and the corner of her bedroom door briefly became one. After 1-2 seconds of silence, there was blood curdling screaming (from her... not me!). I swooped her up as soon as I could get my arms around here and tried to soothe her. I looked for blood and gratefully didn't see any. Then I noticed the goose egg that was on her forehead above her left eye. I rushed to Eric and told him that we were going to the ER. He saw her goose egg, proclaimed "Jesus!" and grabbed his keys.

Fortunately, NW Hospital is a stone's throw away from us and we were in the ER within 5 minutes. Annika calmed down en route to the hospital, but Eric and I were a mass of nerves. We were VERY lucky because no one was in the ER's waiting room when we arrived. We filled out 1 short form and were in the triage room getting Annika's stats evaluated. The nurse decided that the pulse/ox finger thingy was too big for Annika's wee little fingers, so he got the monitor that goes around wee little toes. Annika was QUITE impressed with that! Soon, we were in the exam room waiting for the doctor to check out our baby girl's now golf ball-sized goose egg.

The nurse brought a coloring book and crayons to keep Annika busy .... Eric decided to show her that crayons can also be used to color her toe nails!

The doctor performed a neurological exam on her and proclaimed that she was fine, but wanted to observe her for a bit before releasing her. About an hour later, we were on our way home with instructions to keep an eye out for the brain bleed symtoms and to keep her on Tylenol.

We were all completely wiped out after the ordeal and crawled into bed last night .... only to be awakened almost every hour. It seemed that each time Annika rolled over during the night, she would rub her forehead on her mattress and wake herself up. Poor kiddo!

She had a follow up doctor's appointment today and got a clean bill of health. The doctor said we need to watch her for brain bleed symptoms for another 24 hours, but didn't expect us to see them based on how Annika is doing thus far.

Fortunately, she's going to be fine. She also has another "first" story for her baby book.


Comerford Chronicles said...

:-( We hope your head is feeling better soon Annika!!

fig said...

Thank goodness! Usually if a bump forms, it's okay. It's when she hits her head and there's no bump that's bad--at least that's what I heard when I was trying to keep all my little ladies intact. Always good to check with a head banger, though. I'm so glad Annika's okay. Hug!