Thursday, April 2, 2009

She said her name!

On March 30th, Annika said her name for the first time. Well.... she said her version of her name. She said "Anh-kah", which we're pretty darned pleased as punch about.

Annika has also recently discovered the joy of stomping in puddles. We went outside in the rain (we are WA natives after all .... we know we won't melt) a few days ago and Annika became a puddle hopper. She's stomp in one puddle, realize another puddle was near by, move to that puddle, and repeat until she stomped in every puddle on our driveway. We went out later in the day (still raining) and repeated the process. She went through three sets of clothes that day because of getting drenched each time we went out. When else in life do you have enough time to stomp in enough puddles to get yourself drenched and not care a single iota about it?? (not to mention, have someone whisk you into warm clothes the moment you head inside)

Yesterday morning, Mother Nature decided to play a practical joke on us. Just when we thought spring was here (heck, it is April!), she sent snow to Seattle. For weeks, I've been reminding people (mostly those who are not WA natives) that yes, indeedy, we do get snow into March around these parts. But getting snow on April 1st was beyond my expectations. Nothing stuck, but it snowed almost all day long. Crazy!!

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