Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo has a great indoor play area called the Zoomazium. A few times per week, the zoo has toddler play time in the Zoomazium and we decided to check it out yesterday. There were quite a few kids there and lots for the little ones to do. At one point, a zoo employee read a story (Annika was too busy playing to pay attention to the book) and then there was a bunny that the kids could pet (again, Annika was too busy). I think Annika's favorite aspects of the Zoomazium were the fish tank and the climbing structure. Oh, and the African drums.

After spending about an hour plus in the Zoomazium, we took a quick peek at the nearby animals. There was a a peacock right outside the Zoomazium; he was just walking around and preening ... it was spectacular. We also checked out the flamingos (which got a "WHOA" from Annika) and some other animals I'd never heard of... they were funky, fuzzy, gray creatures. There were also some red, fuzzy critters curled up in trees. Annika's favorite animals were the ducks that were hanging out in the flamingo area. EVERYONE near the exhibit (and probably beyond) knew about the ducks because of Annika's ability to scream "DUCK!" at the top of her lungs and practically launch herself out of the stroller while pointing at our feathered friends (one of whom escaped to a nearby exhibit .... probably to distance itself from my child.)

I'm quite excited that we got a membership to the zoo .... first, it pays for itself within 4-5 visits and second, I can see Annika having a marvelous time there.

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