Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Colds & Cooper Day

Annika and I are sporting spring colds right now. She's about 3 days ahead of me and seems to be improving, so there's hope! I currently look like Rudolph because of blowing my nose so much. This morning as I was taking Annika out of the car, I noticed she had a crusty nose, so I made a reference to her being a booger nose. Of course, she replied with "boog noshe" .... do I know how to expand her vocabulary or what?!?

Shockingly, we saw snow flakes again yesterday. I was pretty surprised when we saw them on April 1st .... seeing them on April 13th just about made me fall over. They didn't fall for long and none stuck, but they were definitely falling!! I've said all along that it isn't unheard of for us to get snow in March, but mid-April? WOW! Ironically, Annika's day care notified all of the families last week that we need to bring in sunblock for our kids ... I guess it is really critical to keep those snow flakes from burning our kids. ;)

On another note, today is Cooper Day for the Olsons. Eight years ago today, we adopted our golden retriever, Cooper. He was a wonderful dog who made one heck of an impression on us and was with us much too short of a time. Cooper's antics are famous amongst our family and friends. He's the only dog I know of who could open the fridge (without a handle), flip and stove, and take cooking bread out of the broiler without singing himself. Good time! We miss and love you, Coop!!!

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