Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Yes, it was raining yesterday, but that didn't stop us from taking a trip to Woodland Park Zoo. Hey, we're from Seattle ... we won't melt! I packed up Annika and zipped down Greenwood to the zoo and even got a great parking spot on the street near the West gate. I really do love free parking!

Because we have a membership to the zoo, I don't feel like we have to dedicate and entire day to the event. Yesterday, we took in the more domestic animals by spending the majority of our time at the Family Farm. It was lunch time during our visit, which led Annika to proclaim "yunch!" every time we saw an animal eating. Some of the critters that most impressed us were the miniature cows (imagine full-size bodies on 1/2 size legs!), chickens, sheep, and goats. Annika and I spent a little time petting a few goats in the petting area; she did amazingly well. I think because the goats were roughly the same size as our dogs, Annika was comfortable around them. (See picture below.) The pig was unimpressed with us and actually moved to wherever we weren't; I was unimpressed because it didn't have a curly tail. To each his own, I guess.

The one exhibit that Annika was anything but comfortable around was the penguin tank. She was fine as the penguins zipped around under the water, but as soon as one stopped and looked at her through the tank, she got very uncomfortable and started to wiggle and squawk a bit. If she hadn't been in her stroller, I'm sure I'd be doing the "hey, get back here" dash that parents are apt to do.

We also visited the bug house; I was much more impressed than Annika was. I don't think she got it or typically noticed what she was supposed to notice. She was more impressed with the other family that was also there. Me? I thought the stick bug was the best part of the bug house. Those things area amazingly cool!!

When our hair was plastered to our heads and Annika's hands were pink, I knew it was time to head home. It was a good trip to the zoo and one of these times, we'll make it to the elephant exhibit!!

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