Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love of Office Supplies

I admit it ... I love office supplies. Post-It Notes are a passion of mine. This weekend, I was chatting with my SIL about my Post-It addiction and she admitted to loving them beyond a normal level as well. They are, quite possibly, the world's most perfect office supply. They are brightly colored, stick to just about anything, are just about everywhere which makes them convenient beyond believe, and are just happy. I use them for shopping lists, random notes, phone messages, reminders to get gas and pet food (these notes are then stuck to my car's dashboard so I see them as I'm out and about), and much more. I even use them to write down our week's dinner list. Love, love, love my little Post-It Notes! :)

I also have a great fondness for those little sticky flags that lawyers frequently use to denote where their clients are supposed to sign forms and various pieces of paperwork. In my technical writing days, I used them to mark edits that needed to be made. They, like their Post-It Note bretheren, are colorful, stick to almost anything, and are just nifty to look at scattered here and there.

Note to self: Buy more Post-It Notes... you're almost out.


fig said...

And they even have recycled paper ones now! My assistant loves them, too. After her couple of hours work twice a week, there's post-its all over the place!

My thing is paper clips, mechanical pencils, and my beloved Extra Fine Point Precise V-5 Pilot Pens--in every color! :-)

Shirley said...
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