Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Carrot

People who know me.... really know me, know that I'm the queen of starting projects. Finishing them isn't always something that I do, but I sure know how to start them! I've wanted to study Spanish for years, but never did it. We have some wonderful friends who live in Mexico City, which is even more motivation for me to want to learn Spanish; it would be nice to talk with them in their native language. As a carrot for myself, I've decided that if I dedicate X amount of time per week marketing my editing business for 6 months, then I get to take a Spanish class. This past week, I prepped and mailed almost 100 postcards to local business. One week down, 5 months and 3 weeks to go until I can register for a Spanish class. Ironically, at Starbucks today, Eric found a business card posted on the community bulletin board and the card was for someone who teaches Spanish classes here in Seattle. I wrote down the information and will keep it tucked away (on a post it note!) until the time comes for me to start on my path to learning Spanish.

Speaking of our trip to Starbucks, we took a walk as a family today to the local Starbucks. It was around 8 in the morning and absolutely perfect walk weather. It was sunny, but not too hot. Annika was an absolute angel and had a wonderful time watching the various birds that we passed. On our way home, we walked by Bitterlake (can we say "swimmers itch"??) and as we left, Annika waved and said "bye bye water". Such a cutie!

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