Monday, September 29, 2008

Annika is in a catalog

Annika's modeling gig from May has landed her in the Patternworks catalog. We received our hardcopy of the catalog a few days ago and were quite excited to see our little girl (well, the back of our little girl) in print.

Our friend Jen, whose pattern Annika is modeling for, said Patternworks has alread sold out of their 1st order of the pattern and has ordered a lot more. Congrats to Jen for creating such a hot-selling pattern!

To view Annika in the online catalog, click here:


Kate said...

Her hair looks so red in that photo.

You must be so proud that your daughter is on her way to fame! ; )

Nikki said...

She's famous! I'm quite certain that the lovely model is a major reason why the pattern has sold out! (It is a very cute pattern though!) ;-)