Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

It never ceases to amaze me that we have brought a child so full of wonder, curiosity, entertainment, love, tenderness, and energy into this world. She makes us laugh out loud daily; sometimes because she is busy entertaining herself with silly sounds and laughter, while other times it is because of how she's playing with a toy or positioned while sleeping peacefully.

As she learns, so do we. We never knew watching her take steps could send our hearts over the moon. We never knew that watching her sleep could bring a tear of love and true satisfaction to our eyes. We never knew that hearing a child cry could hurt so much.

There will come a time that she'll want her privacy and not want us hovering. During those days, I'll have to find comfort in the memories of these days. The times when she wanted to be held and snuggled continually and cried when put down ... even for just two seconds. I'll think back on the days that she would tilt her head and smile impishly, just to flirt and get our attention.

What could possibly be better than waking up each day knowing that such an amazing creature is living under our roof and in our hearts?

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Who Am I? said...

nothing. Absolutely nothing.