Monday, October 13, 2008

1st Horseride

We spent this past weekend visiting our Eastern WA family members (thank you, everyone!!!) and had a great time there! We relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed. What could be better?

The big excitement of the weekend (other than Annika showing off her walking skills for everyone) was Annika rode a horse for the first time. (Jarl was a true sport having such an unbalanced wee one on his back!) Eric flanked her on one side, Uncle John flanked her on the other side, while Aunt Wendy took the lead on Jarl and cousin Erin headed up the photography efforts. It was an all-encompassing event! Look out 2024 Summer Olympics, here comes your first equestrian competition participant!


fig said...

Yeehaw, Annika! You go, girl!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness. Look how tiny she looks on that big horse. What a fun time for your sweet girl. Adorable!