Friday, October 17, 2008

No, that isn't ghost roadkill

Last night, I decided to make cookies for my last day at my current job. I used my new Halloween cookie cutters - pumpkins and skull/crossbones. The pumpkins turned out GREAT! The skull/crossbones, however, had a few problems. First, I didn't have any black food coloring (how did THAT happen!?!?), so I had to make up really dark brown instead. Second, I'm not an artistic person. I need something to use as a model and I didn't have a skull/crossbones picture to look at. So, they turned out looking more like ghost roadkill than skull/crossbones cookies. Fortunately, the pathetic decorating doesn't impact their taste ... this is the best tasting ghost roadkill known to man!

(Fear not: Eric has promised to draw a sketch for me to follow for when I make more Halloween cookies. Thank you, Sweetie!!)

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Comerford Chronicles said...

Mmm... I want a cookie now!