Monday, October 27, 2008

Time's fast forward button

I'm convinced that time has a fast forward button and someone hit it last week. I've already had a full week at my new job and am really enjoying it. The people are very nice and the work is right up my alley. This morning, I arrived at the office and found our area (lovingly called "the cave") completely decked out in Halloween decor. There are huge cobwebs everywhere, fake spiders and bats hanging from the ceiling, a couple of grim reapers here and there, and plenty more. It feels VERY festive at work!

Annika's walking continues to improve and she's hardly crawling these days. She's also working on communicating verbally. We here "bao" (ball) all of the time; any round object is a "bao". The cutest part is she leaves her lips puckered long after the sound of the word has ceased. It's like she's ready for a kiss at the end of the word.

Last week, Eric went to a CDW conference in Vegas and learned about some new technology that he's incorporating at work. He had a good trip, but was also glad to get home. Annika and I were just as glad to have him back! :)

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