Thursday, September 11, 2008

How can something with such a cute name hurt so much?

My foot has been a bit of a problem this summer. Initially, I thought on of our dogs stepped on it (as they are known to do) and bruised it. After 6 (or so) weeks of it not feeling better, I asked my doctor to check it out. She ruled out a stress fracture and decided I sprained my foot and put me in a highly unattractive (and very blue) theraphy shoe for four weeks. After four weeks, my foot was the same - no better, no worse. It hurts whenever there's direct pressure on it or I accidentally whack it on something (most recently, the opening of our dryer ... don't ask).

My doctor sent me to a podiatrist (who is a kick, by the way ... no foot puns intended), who decided I might have a cyst on my bone (hence, the lack of improvement with the lovely blue shoe - please note sarcasm). He decided to give it another few weeks to see if it got better on its own (not expecting it to, but that way we said we did everything we could to avoid surgery). Fast forward to yesterday...

I had my pre-op consulatation with the podiatrist, who started talking about bunion surgery. HUH?? He explained that if he doesn't find a cyst during surgery, he'll treat the very small bunion (officially called a Tailor's Bunion or a Bunionette ... how cute!) that is potentially causing the pain in my foot.

How can something that causes me to lose my breath if it gets knocked have such a cute name, like "bunionette"?

Surgery is set for 9/22 ... fingers and toes are crossed for a positive outcome!

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fig said...

Ouch! I know what you mean about the blue shoe--looks like somebody could come up with cuter therapy/surgery shoes. Hey great biz idea for someone!

Besides all that, I'm wishing you good foot. Hugs!