Monday, September 8, 2008

They're officially hitched!

This weekend, our dear, dear friends David and Nicola got married. They had a destination wedding on Orcas Island and it was truly a stunning day. The weather couldn't have been better and the bride and groom looked amazing in their wedding attire. They looked so happy and we hope that every day of their marriage is just as joyful and blessed.

The happy couple ... Mr. & Mrs. Russell

Eric was the best man and did a wonderful job attending to the couple and making sure they were getting what they needed ... water, a ride somewhere, someone to calm the nerves/stress, etc. His speech was touching, funny, and quite perfect. Well done!! Our niece Abby sang during the ceremony and brought a tear to many eyes. She sounded like an angel ... which prompted Annika (who cut her 5th tooth over the weekend) to start clapping during Abby's song. ;)

Annika in her wedding clothes after the ceremony

One of the crowning moments of the weekend for me was completing their wedding cake. Due to uncooperative frosting, the entire design had to be re-done, but I think it all worked out and am quite pleased with the final result.

The cake!

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Alessandra said...

Meredith, the cake is outstanding! I love the flowers. I bet it was as tasty as it was pretty.