Monday, September 15, 2008

Another day with Figheadh

Yesterday, the Olson trio drove down to Tacoma and spent a few hours at Owen Beach with our friends from Figheadh to model some of their new fashions. We were decked out in various hats, sweaters, and socks. There was a little chill in the air thanks to the breeze coming up off of the water, so we were quite grateful for the wool sweaters and left them on long after those photos were complete. Now we have to wait to see the final results once the photographer (who is marvelous, by the way) gets them to Jen. Waiting, waiting, waiting!

Here's a picture of Annika that her daddy took during some down time; she's wearing one of Jen's sweaters and hats. Aren't they fantastic? Thanks for a fun day, Jen and Fred!!

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fig said...

Thanks to you guys for a wonderful day. And thanks for the sweet pic of Annika. She (and the rest of you Olsons) did the figheadh proud. Hugs!