Monday, November 5, 2012

Valeria's 4th Birthday Party

This weekend, Annika attended a birthday party for one of her best friends, Valeria. All week long, Annika could hardly wait for Valeria's party and was practically twitching with anticipation once Saturday rolled around. The girls are in the same pre-school class and adore each other to no end. Having such a great friendship is a blessing ... as is the fact Valeria's house is about 3 doors away from our house; it really couldn't get much better! Oh, and Valeria's parents (Daniella and Carlos) and fabulous people, too. Win, win, win.

The party was a lot of fun ... both for the kids and the adults. The house looked festive and the atmosphere was high energy. At one point during the party, Carlos pulled out a huge bag of hats/wigs and let the kids go to town. That was a brilliant move; the kids had a blast trying on the fun hats and dancing to the club music that was rocking through the speakers. In addition, they had balloons galore for the kids to play with and make into a variety of creations (from dogs to aliens to flowers), and a cat pinata for the kids to whack at. It was a treat to be included in Valeria's special day and we are so grateful to have been invited.

The birthday girl
Pretty decorations

Me trying to be artistic

Carlos got in on the accessory fun

Valeria rockin' the blue wig while singing and dancing her heart out.

This baby was 1 day shy of being two weeks old ... she was beyond adorable!

Me still trying to be artistic

Valeria taking her turn at the pinata

Annika showing her brute force

I love this picture through and through

What a great family!
Valeria even got to blow out the candles twice ... once after we sang "Happy Birthday
in English and again after we (aka everyone but me) sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish
Daniella made these traditional Venezuelan desserts that were sooo yummy!
They're basically layered jello, but not overly sweet, which I really liked. Annika was
thrilled at the idea of having a pink dessert!

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