Monday, November 5, 2012

My Halloween Costume

This year, I decided to go all out on my Halloween costume. The idea was sparked by one of my co-workers who suggested everyone in our seating area dress up like people from the TV show "Mad Men". As a huge fan of the show, I took that idea and ran with it. (No one else in our area did, but that didn't really matter to me!)

I did a number of Internet searches to find an authentic-looking dress pattern, but wound up lying on the floor asking for oxygen when I saw the price tags associated with the vintage patterns. Eventually, I ran across a blog post that referenced a sewing challenge and how the blogger found a pattern at a Portland, OR store called The Knittn' Kitten. I emailed the store explaining my situation. I quickly received a reply and after a few back and forth emails, decided on a pattern that I thought would be ideal .. for $5 (a price I could definitely stomach).

I took the pattern to a local fabric store and picked out the most vintage fabric I found. Surprisingly, the dress came together quite easily. The only sticking point was getting the pleats in the dress to be just right... after 3-4 attempts, I finally got it!

I was able to accessorize with a 1950s hat that I inherited from my grandmother, a fake pearl necklace (picked up from Claire's), bright red lipstick and fingernails, white gloves, and a mink stole on loan from my great aunt.

Being a person who HATED wearing dresses as a little kid (they were drafty, ya know!), I found it entertaining by how much fun I had wearing this dress. I continually found myself swaying so I felt like a bell ringing. (side note: I have great respect for the women from the 1950s and the actresses on Mad Men ... petticoats to not make trips to the ladies room easy at all and they are insanely HOT!!!!)

Both of our kids loved my costume... Annika made sure to point out "Mama, you look cuuuuuute!" while Conor kept poking the fluffy skirt.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this costume a success!

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