Sunday, November 18, 2012


A couple of nights ago during dinner, Conor burped. To remind him of his manners, I said, "Say excuse me, Conor." He replied, "Excuse me, me." Eric and I were shaking with laughter. Conor didn't know why his words were so funny, but sure liked having an audience!

This morning, Conor asked Eric for a "yodote" (yogurt). Trying to help with Conor's pronunciation skills, Eric said, "Conor, can you say g-g-g?" Conor replied, "d-d-d." Eric then said, "Conor, can you say c-c-c?" Conor said, "t-t-t." Eric said, "No, c-c-c." Conor replied, "c-c-c." Eric (very excited) said, "Yes! Now can you say c-c-Conor?" Conor very innocently replied "c-c-me!"

The boy never fails to amuse!

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