Friday, November 30, 2012


We've started making a more concerted effort to get Conor out of diapers/Pull-Ups. He's all gung ho about the idea until he needs to stop what he's doing (which is about every 10 minutes) when we tell him it is time to try going potty.

He got a bit annoyed with our constant harassment, so we changed our tactics from bribing him with M&Ms only when he was successful in the bathroom to also just for trying. Don't think we're going soft... we're offering tiered bribery: 1 M&M for trying, 2 M&Ms for peeing in the potty; as many M&Ms as he wants for poopin' in the potty.

This morning as we were getting ready to leave, I was doing something in the laundry room and Conor was playing in the adjacent bathroom. He closed the door and I could hear him clicking the light on and off. I called out, "Conor, whatcha doin'?" A cute little voice from the other side of the door responded, "Nothing. I'm busy." "Busy doing what?" "Nothing. I'm just busy. (click click click)" A few second later, he opened the door and announced, "I have a poopy pants. I went poop in the potty!!!" I then had to explain the difference between using the potty and just being in the correct room.

Even though we weren't quite "there", I'm still excited he's getting closer to grasping the big picture. It reaffirms the fact that one day, one sweet day, we'll be a diaper-free home. Ahhh... dare to dream!

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