Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!!

It is raining like made here in Seattle, so we expect a very damp trick or treating experience tonight. That's ok ... we're natives and are only thrown off of our game when it ISN'T raining on Halloween.

To help our house look a bit more festive, we broke out our pumpkins and carving knives on Monday. The kids were thrilled to have a chance to get into the holiday mood ... not to mention, decide what their pumpkins would ultimately look like. We tag teamed the kids (and their pumpkins), which seemed to work out quite nicely. No one had to be patient or feel left out of the experience. Parenting win for us!

Annika and Eric sketching out her concept

Conor adding his two cents worth to his pumpkin's sketch

The first incision

Conor "cooping" out his pumpkin

We were amazed by how thick and unseedy these pumpkins were...
made cleaning out the insides very easy, thought

Annika cleaning out her pumpkin

Conor and his finished jack-o-lantern

Annika and her finished jack-o-lantern

The whole "fierce pumpkin" carving team

Conor and his pumpkin really see eye to eye

Conor checking out his workmanship

Eric finishing up the creative process ... notice
the lack of children at this point; they abandoned the process temporarily for
something more exciting... aka chasing each other around the kitchen a few times

Conor inspecting his flameless candle

Annika and her "fierce" pumpkin

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