Monday, October 22, 2012

My Birthday

This weekend, I started the last year of my 30s. Yup.... I'm 39, or as Annika kindly told me, I'm OLD!!

Old people, like me, tend to prefer quite celebrations instead of partying 'til dawn birthday shin-digs. We've been go-go-going so much lately that a quiet day of doing very little sounded like an ideal way to spend my birthday. I barely lifted a finger all day, which was a huge treat and got lots of quality time with Eric and the kids.

Eric was starting to get sick, so while he took a little nap, I took the the kids to Carkeek Park so they could play and I could practice my photography skills. Wind = fast moving clouds = constantly changing lighting = freaking hard!! (but I digress...)

There were only two other people on the beach when we arrived, which was great. The kids were thrilled to throw rocks in the water, run after seagulls, find walking sticks, and relocate the driftwood (good thing the beach has interior designers). The sky was an incredible blue and the whipping wind meant there were lots of sailboats on the water for us to watch. After exhausting the beach fun, we trekked up the stairs and spent some time at the play area working out any last bits of remaining energy. The kids (and I) had a blast!

After our Carkeek excursion, we went home for lunch (aka Dicks burgers),  nap/quiet time, and a low-key afternoon at home. My big accomplishment was taking the time to put the zipper in my Halloween dress.

Thanks to Eric, who made my birthday very special and relaxing. You're the BEST, Sweetie!!

Oh! And what did my amazing husband/kids give to me? A new tripod, remote for the camera, boot trees, and Sees candy. Now, just ask who played with the tripod and remote first? One hint ... it wasn't me. ;) 

Conor having fun at the beach

Throwin' rocks

Fixing the beach's feng shui

Good thing Annika was there to fix up the beach's decor

This was the closest I could get to having them both smiling
and looking in my general direction

Beautiful day at the beach

Annika pretending to be old with her walking stick
(she told me she was pretenting to be Aunt June ... my 99-year-old great aunt)

Conor: The king of the slide

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