Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seattle's Ferris Wheel

Last Friday, Seattle "Great Wheel" opened on pier 57. Normally, I wouldn't jump on the tourist bandwagon, but the fact that I work two piers away made it seem just wrong not to go for a ride. Yesterday, a few of my co-workers and I hopped across the street (OK, we really walked, but "hopped" just sounds so jovial).

After waiting and waiting and waiting in line, we got our turn on the wheel. We had a great time taking in the view and acting generally goofy while making fun of the safety stickers posted all over our gondola.

The view while we waited in line

The jellyfish population around the pier was pretty impressive. We saw this one while we were
waiting in line, but some were so big, we could see them as we were on the ferris wheel.

This is our office building

More views from on high

This button had us in hysterics; we couldn't decide if we should or shouldn't push it!

The beautiful Puget Sound

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