Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Sprinkler Day EVER

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, and much to our shock, it was here in time for the 4th of July. The common joke around these parts is summer officially begins on July 5th, because we usually have soggy fireworks on the 4th.

It has been warm enough over the past few days for the kids to don their swimsuits and run through the sprinkler. Last year, Conor was a bit apprehensive about the sprinkler, but this year had no qualms about diving right in. Annika was an old pro at the sport and could hardly contain her excitement at the idea of running through the sprinkler.

The kids had an absolute blast running around getting wet and cooling off. Their giggled and laughed the entire time they were outside. Even when they were shivering and cold, they resisted leaving the sprinkler behind and wrapping up in their towels.

As we walked into the house, Annika proclaimed, "Best sprinkler day EVER!!" (Made my mommy heart so happy to hear that our kids are enjoying their childhood.)

Starting out with getting fingers wet

Conor enjoying the spray
Annika speeding through the sprinkler
Conor figuring out how sprinklers work

Sheer joy

Summer fun
Stopping for a little refreshment

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